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The BIGGEST Tourism Award Program in Middle East

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4 Major Categories in Middle East Tourism Awards 

Tourism Awards

For tourism boards & travel companies

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Hotel Awards

Luxury / 5 / 4 / 3 /2 Star Hotels, Villas

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Restaurant Awards

Hotel Restaurants, Independent Restaurants

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Spa Awards

Hotel Spa, independent Spa & Spa chains

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Most Popular Categories in Middle East Tourism Awards

At Middle East Tourism Awards, there are over 300 categories to address each and every category in tourism sector. Following are the most popular categories in Hotel /Hospitality section.

Best Luxury Hotel / Resort

Luxury 5 Star Hotels and Resorts in middle east region fall under this category. This category is exclusively for Luxury & super luxury type accommodation

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Best Beach Resort

This category is carefully designed for Hotels ranging from 3 star to 5 Star Luxury hotels / resorts located right on the beach in Middle East Region.

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Best 5 Star Hotel / Resort

Any 5 Star hotels / Resorts located in Middle East Region falls under this category irrespective of the locality or hotel type such as leisure or Business.

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Best City Hotel

All type of Hotels such as 5 star / 4 Star / 3 Star / 2 Star Hotels located in city limit in middle region. All size, type of hotels fall in this category.

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Best 4 Star Hotel

This category is exclusively designed for 4 star hotel. We have over 20+ more sub categories in this section to match all types of 4 Star hotels

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Best 3 Star Hotel

This category is exclusively designed for 4 star hotel. We have over 20+ more sub categories in this section to match all types of 4 Star hotels.

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Best Romantic Hotel

Carefully designed for most romantic hotels which are designed for couples, not just young couples. Applicable for 5 / 4 / 3 Star Hotels & villas.

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Best Value for Money hotel

This is one of the best categories for the Boutique hotels, 3 star & 4 star hotels which offer value for money to their guests in Middle East Region

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Best Business Hotel

This category is designed to exclusively for the hotels focus on corporate guest and offer value added services for corporate clients in Middle East.

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Middle East Tourism Awards Reach

Jury Members

Nominees at Middle East Tourism Awards

Middle Tourism and Travel awards signify an accomplishment for many travel and tourism companies in Middle East, allowing them to earn respect and loyalty from both guests and industry peers.  With 300+ categories to enter from, Your entries will be judged through independent evaluation, Award Panel Voting (50%) and Public voting (50% – industry peers & Guests

Tourism Boards

Country Tourism Boards, State Tourism Boards and City Tourism Boards. Any Tourism Govt organisations can participate in this category Nominate Now


Luxury Hotels, 5 Star, 4 Star, 3 Star Hotels, Villas, Budget & Economy hotels, Hotel Apartments and Service Apartments can participate Nominate Now

Travel Companies

All companies which are offering Travel services such as DMCs, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Adventure tour operators & etc Nominate Now


Restaurants in Hotels / Resorts, Independent Restaurants, Luxury Restaurants, Restaurant Chains can participate in this category Nominate Now

Spa & Wellness

Any Spa or Wellness centre in Hotels or Resorts or Villas, Independent Spa and Spa chain can participate in this category of Middle East Tourism Awards Nominate Now

Cruise Liners

Budget to Luxury Airline Companies, Airline Management Companies, Airports, Airport Management companies in Middle East region can participate in this category Nominate Now


Any Cruise companies, Cruise management companies, Luxury Yacht operators and Ferry / Boat companies in Middle East Region can participate in this award category Nominate Now


Any tourist attractions such as Museum, Art Gallery, National Park, Zoo, Snow Park and similar attractions in Middle East Region can participate Nominate Now

Theme Parks

Theme Park, Water Theme Park, island Theme Park companies or Theme park management companies in Middle East Region Nominate Now

Why should you nominate in Middle East Tourism Awards?

This prestigious tourism awards competition was created by group of tourism industry experts to answer a need for nurturing and promoting the designing “discovering the the best” that push the evolution of Middle East hospitality & tourism to the next level.

Global Judges

Your Company will be judged by one of the 100+ global judges around the world to make sure you meet the world class tourism and hospitality service expectations.

4 Industries

Middle East  Tourism awards recognise the best performers in 4 industries and reward them globally. The 4 main industries are Tourism Industry, Hotel & Hospitality industry, Restaurant industry, Spa and wellness industry

5 Years Recognition

Your institution will be displayed on our Middle East tourism awards website for 5 years to celebrate your winning and achievement in Middle East tourism industry.

Go Global

Joining in Middle East Tourism Awards will bring your establishment to global level. You will be eligible to participate in Global Tourism Awards without any registration fee, nomination fee or any other fee.

Networking Opportunities

Network with tourism leaders from each corner of Middle East Region and build new relationships by connecting at premier events.

Unique Statuette

Customized Middle East Tourism Awards statuettes can be purchased to commemorate your years of winning.

Prestige & Respect

Increase your brand visibility to new audiences globally which increases your business revenue. Create a strong credibility in customer mind

Increased Sales

Winning companies will receive exposure that can increase sales drastically, allowing you to profit more from your customer base. Winning an award increases a sales with no doubt.

Staff Recognition

A win with Middle East Tourism Awards will certainly increase job satisfaction, Productivity, morale among employees. Let your employees feel proud to work in your great organization.


1. Who is eligible to nominate at Middle East Tourism Awards ?

Any companies who are into  Travel & Tourism Industry, Hotel & Hospitality industry, Restaurant Industry, Spa & Wellness Industry can nominate.

2. How do I submit entries or How can I nominate ?

All nominee submissions are self nomination basis. You can nominate your tourism company on your own just by filling the nomination form.

Click here to nominate your company.

3. What is next after the nomination ?

Upon successful nomination, You will be offered a login details to access your nominee portal. You are required to complete your profile by entering important details about your company, photos , videos and etc.

Once your profile is completed, You can good to go ahead with voting process.

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4. What is the Fee to participate in Middle East Tourism Awards ?

To nominate at Middle East Tourism Awards there are 2 fees are applicable.

  • Registration Fee – USD 49
  • Nomination Fee – USD 480 per category. Currently We waive off nomination fee for first 500 NOMINATIONS.

If you are really serious about nomination, Now nominate to get the waive off Nomination fee.

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5. What are the level of winning ?

Following are the levels of winning at Middle East Tourism Awards

  1. City Level – Competition in city level
  2. State Level – Competition in State Level
  3. Country Level – Country level competition in Middle East Region. If you score good amount of voting from City / State level then you will have higher chances of moving to Country level.
  4. Regional Level Winner – Country level winners will be moved to Global Tourism Awards and they compete in Regional level with other competitors in other continents

Note : City, State, Country and Regional level winners are eligible to get Winner package such as winner trophy, winner certificate, winner medal, winner badge and Place

Nominate for Year 2020